How do you know if clothing is sustainable?

Making sustainable choices is becoming increasingly important. Think of choices that are positive for the climate, for a better world and for better living conditions. Making a good, sustainable choice is not always easy. What about clothing? How do you know if clothing is sustainable? We give you three tips that will help you in knowing whether clothing is sustainable or not.

#1 Durable material

Make sure you know what material your clothes are made of. Sustainable clothing must be made of recyclable and renewable material such as hemp, linen, organic cotton, tencel or silk. For organic cotton, however, it must be biodegradable. Voriino t-shirts are made of hemp and organic cotton.
Maybe you're wondering why 'normal' genetically modified cotton is not an option? A lot of water is needed in the production process. It is also often thought that bamboo products are a good option, but during the production process many chemicals are needed to process the fibers into wire.

#2 Sustainable production process

Dyeing textiles is one of the most polluting parts of the textile industry. The textile paint usually contains many toxic substances that end up in the rivers in large quantities. However, it is often difficult to check whether a more sustainable textile paint has been used or whether alternatives have been used.
During the production process of clothing, a lot of water is used. By being critical of the use of materials and a good production process, a Voriino T-shirt saves a lot of water compared to a normal cotton T-shirt. You can read more about this on our page about sustainability. 

#3 Sustainable price

This is perhaps the easiest tip to get you started with. The price of the clothing also says a lot about the clothing itself. Fast fashion always has a very low price. So if the price is very low, then all the alarm bells should go off. A T-shirt for a few euros, for example, simply cannot be made sustainably. Therefore, always start your search for sustainable clothing with a price
check. Cheap is often not sustainable.