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Our shirts are made from a unique blend of hemp and organic cotton. This means that, with the purchase of a Voriino shirt, you are making a sustainable choice.

More about our shirts

Voriino blend saves water through fewer washes.

Our shirts made with a unique blend are naturally antibacterial. If you wear our T-shirts, you don't have to worry about unpleasant odors getting into the fabric. So you can save liters of water by reducing the number of washes at a time.

The power of the unique Voriino blend

The sustainable benefits of the Voriino blend of hemp and organic cotton.


● The Voriino T-shirt produces 0.68 kg of CO2 less than a comparable 100% hemp fiber T-shirt.

● The Voriino T-shirt results in 7% less CO2e impact compared to a 100% hemp fiber T-shirt.

● This CO2e savings is equal to: A car journey of more than 3 kilometers (approximately 2 miles) (based on one mile resulting in 411 grams of CO2e)

Organic cotton

● The Voriino T-shirt requires more than 40,000 liters (40.49 m3) less water than a comparable 100% cotton T-shirt.

● The Voriino T-shirt provides an 86% reduction in the impact of water scarcity compared to a 100% cotton T-shirt.

● This water savings is equivalent to: 56 hot tubs (based on a .719 m3 hot tub) or two months of water consumption in an average household (based on 0.78 m3 per day for 52 days)

Responsibility for sustainable production

Voriino attaches great importance to sustainability and fair production. That is why we have had the impact of the products calculated via the Higg Product Module developed by the Coalition for Sustainable Clothing (SAC). More information can be found in our PDF document.

Our product impacts were calculated using the Higg Product Module 1.0 (Higg PM 1.0 at developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC). We have tracked our impacts through the following areas – materials, manufacturing, transportation, product use, end of life. The results are calculated by our company and are not verified. They include cradle-to-grave impacts. Read more about the methodology and how we developed our calculations here.

Higgs Sustainability Qualifier Statement (pdf)
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