Hemp fabric and organic cotton

Hemp fabric has been used since the year 770 as a material, for hemp clothing, but also for paper and even rope. Hemp fabric is a supple material that feels nice to the skin. As you wear hemp longer, it becomes softer and softer. In our clothing we use cottonized hemp: namely a mix of hemp and organic cotton.

Hemp fabric properties

Hemp fabric has several unique properties compared to other materials, namely:

  • Very strong
  • Does not quickly absorb stains
  • Antibacterial
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Feels good on the skin

Where does our hemp fabric come from?

Our hemp comes from Nepal and Europe and our organic cotton comes from India. Then both are mixed into yarn and spun into fabric at our supplier's factory in India. The substance is then processed into a finished product in Bangladesh. All our suppliers are committed to fair labor, adhere to the highest environmental standards and corporate social responsibility is of paramount importance.

Hemp t-shirts for women and men

At Voriino you will find sustainable hemp t-shirts for women and men. The hemp t-shirts are high-quality basics that are wearable for a long time. The tshirts can be found in three colors, namely in white, black and blue and are available with a v-neck or round neck. Our sustainable hemp t-shirts for men and women are the perfect basics for your wardrobe and can be combined endlessly. Our sustainable hemp t-shirts will give you a lot of fun for a long time.